Home Safety


  • How safe is your home? (I.e. Locks, Doors, Lighting, Alarms, Grand kids.)
  • Exterior lighting. (Where? motion? working? Used? Great deterrent!)
  • Landscape. (Overgrown? Can people see windows, doors? Can you see out? Hiding places.)
  • Snow removal? (Are you going away? Does it look like house is being used?)
  • Exterior Doors/Locks. (Locks working? Dead bolts? Peep hole? Are Locks being used? At all times!

         Do not make it easy for criminals.)

  • Windows. (Locked at night? Open when gone? Valuables in plane site? Curtains closed at night?)
  • Interior lighting. (Lights left on at night, while gone, lights on timers when gone for long periods.)
  • Address numbers? (Easily visible? Lighted? Reflective? On Mailbox? Great for emergency responders!

         Can they be seen from the road?)

  • Alarms? (Smoke Alarms Working? Carbon Monoxide? House Alarms? Cancellation codes etc., what to do?)
  • Strangers. (Avoid letting into house, make phone call for them while they remain outside,

         call police if they appear suspicious)

  • Neighborhood Watch programs are an excellent deterrent for crime in your area; it helps to bring back the neighboring
  •          in your neighborhood. Neighbors look out for one another by observing and reporting suspicious activity to the police