Ride Alongs

The Clare County Sheriff Department offers ride-alongs to citizens of Clare County. The ride along provides an opportunity to observe the department’s patrol duties by riding in a patrol vehicle.  We call it the ride along experience.  Everyone that passes the short background will be allowed to ride one time.  Many people then want to ride along again, however, in order to continue multiple ride alongs, you will have to join the Reserve Division or the Mounted Division.

There are two instances in which a citizen may ride along with our department:
• College Internship
• Patrol Division Ride Along

There is an application that needs to be filled out and turned in to the Law Enforcement Lieutenant.  The application can be mailed, emailed (williamse@clareco.net), or turned into the front office..  This may take 24 hours to get a response on whether or not you have been approved for a Ride Along but it is worth the time.


Click here for Ride Along Application