We currently have 169 inmates lodged in the Clare County Jail which consist of 63 local, 17 Federal, 83 Renters, and 6 DOC.  During the months of June and July the Clare County Central Dispatch Center logged 7,442 incidents.  Of the 7,442 incidents, your Deputies handled 5,023 of those incidents.  During the months of June and July 2014, 48 Home Invasions were investigated throughout the county.  13 were in Hayes, 6 each in Surrey and Franklin, 4 in Hamilton, 3 each in Freeman, City of Harrison, Garfield, and Lincoln, 2 each in Greenwood and Sheridan, and 1 each in Frost, Arthur, and the Village of Farwell.

I want to stress to the citizens of this County about one of the current scams going on.  This is not the first of its kind to happen to a person in Clare County.  I was contacted by a lady from Harrison last week who said that she was scared to death.  She had received a call from a person who identified themselves as an IRS Agent.  She was told that she owed money to the IRS and that an arrest team was on the way to get her unless she paid the money owed now.  She was told not to hang up on them or they would arrest her.  She did what she was told by the man on the other end of the line and obtained money cards.  She then gave the person on the phone the numbers off the cards, and then was told to drive to the IRS building in Saginaw.  They knew her social security number, cell phone number, and her location where she was driving.  By the time I got involved, the money had already been taken off the cards.  These people will threaten you with immediate arrest if you do not pay them.  They are able to sometimes make the caller ID state that it is coming from the IRS or a local police department.  DO NOT fall for this.  In the complaints we have received the person making the call talks with a Middle Eastern accent.  Please call and report any type of this activity to us.  If they tell you not to hang up, hang up and call the police.

I want to thank all of the volunteers who helped us out at the Clare County Fair this year.  Between the Clare County Sheriff Reserves and the Clare County Mounted Reserves, together they donated over 1500 hours during the time surrounding the fair.  Without them things would not go as smoothly as they did.  Today we see less and less people volunteering to help out, so we are very grateful for those of you that give back to this community.

School will be starting soon so keep a watchful eye out for those students going to and from school.  Remember to stop for school buses when directed too and to slow down in school zones.  Good luck to all students during this next year.


Like Always, GOD Bless

Sheriff John S. Wilson