News from Your Sheriff

Happy December Clare County.  From October 1st through November 30th there were 5,627 incidents logged in Clare County in which the Sheriff’s Office handled 3,705 of those.  In the months of October and November we investigated 33 Breaking and Entering complaints throughout the county; 5 were in Summerfield, 4 each in Surrey and Garfield, 3 each in Frost, Hayes, and Lincoln, 2 each in Franklin, Freeman, Greenwood, Hamilton, and Redding, and 1 in Grant.  We currently have suspects in several of these breaking and entering complaints at this time.  

One of the main mandated duties of the Sheriff in Michigan is to have a county jail.  Our legal capacity without putting cots in the cells is 178.  The jail consist of a booking area where there are 3 individual holding cells and 1 larger holding cell.  There are 8 – 1 person maximum security cells, 4 – 10 bed dorms, a 38 bed dorm, a 64 bed dorm, and a 28 bed dorm.  On a normal scheduled day there are 5 correction officers working in the jail. There is a Jail Administrator and an assistant Jail Administrator who will also fill in when needed during the day.  As of the morning of 12/03/2019 our jail has booked 1,919 people this year. This consist of 1,473 males, and 446 females.

Our jail is self-contained with its own kitchen and laundry room.  Our kitchen is contracted out with a cook who uses inmate trustees to prepare food and clean.  Our laundry is handled by inmate trustees who do all the laundry for the entire jail.  We have a contracted full time nurse who works 40 hours a week with a dedicated examining room.  A medical doctor is also on call and makes visits to the jail as needed.  When a person is incarcerated in a jail, the jail is responsible for all of that persons medical needs.  Some services that are held in the jail can be court mandated or volunteer.  We have Forgotten Man Ministry that oversees religious services that come into the jail.  Central Michigan Mental Health comes in and holds “Life Goals” counseling.  Life Goals is to help the individual out when they are released from incarceration.  We have a GED program to help inmates get a diploma.  We hold AA and NA group sessions for those in need or have been ordered by the court to attend. 

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Clare County Sheriff’s Office.  Keep all the men and women in our office in your prayers this holiday season.  In less than 2 weeks, 8 Michigan police officers have been shot in the line of duty.  Fortunately most returned home, but one did not.  Detroit Corporal Rasheen McClain will be laid to rest December 6, 2019.  Thank you for your service Corporal McClain, Rest in Peace Brother.


GOD Bless

Sheriff John S Wilson