Corrections Division

Clare County Code of Ethics:

Clare County sworn officers shall adhere to and abide by the following: “I will never forget that I am a Corrections Officer in Clare County, Michigan. I serve as a professional Corrections Officer, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to upholding the Laws of Michigan and the United States Constitution.”

“As a Corrections Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve our community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, intimidation, violence or disorder; and to protect the constitutional rights of all persons. To act in accordance with the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.”

“I will never act on personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my decisions. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature, or is confided to me in my official capacity, shall be kept secret unless necessary to reveal in the performance of duty. I will remain honest, and hold myself to a high degree of integrity in both my personal and official life. “

“I recognize the badge as a symbol to always protect and serve our community. I am prepared to give my life if necessary in order to protect our community. When facing danger, I will overcome fear and maintain a courageous calm. I will be constantly mindful of the welfare and safety of the citizens I serve. I will trust in God and in the United States of America.”


Clare County Vision Statement:

To develop a progressive, professional corrections department that is backed by sound administrative policy, technology and training; to create a safe environment for the Clare County citizens; to become a leader in the corrections community by setting the highest standard of excellence.


Clare County Mission Statement:

The mission of the Office of Clare County Sheriff’s Correction Division is to provide care, custody, and control of the inmates incarcerated in the jail while assuring offenders of their constitutional rights. The Corrections Division will protect citizens of Clare County by segregating the offenders from the public. The Corrections Division will ensure the safety of department personnel by promoting a safe and secure environment characterized by the mutual respect of all staff.


Clare County Goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Professional Development – Provide a workforce of officers that are well trained, well disciplined and competent. Provide ongoing staff development in order to increase job performance, abilities and professional opportunities.

Goal 2: Training and Equipment – Use booking fee funds to train Correction Officers to keep them certified and abreast of changing trends in corrections. Encourage officer accountability in maintenance of all department equipment.

Goal 3: Security – Maximize the use of technology to update security systems in and around the jail. To employ, explore and utilize research, technology and equipment, planning and evaluation in the development of programs and standards.

Goal 4: Community Relations – To involve community organizations, volunteers and outside professionals in program development. To foster the best possible relations with the public, courts and all elements of the criminal justice system.



The staff of Clare County Correctional Facility is dedicated to the safety and security of the community. The operation of the facility is governed by the applicable state and federal laws while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and service.

The Clare County Correctional Facility is proud to announce that we have received 100% on our recent inspectipn by the Michigan Department Of Corrections. This is our seventh year in a row that we have received 100%.- 2011



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