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Clare County Vision Statement:

To develop a progressive, professional law enforcement department that is backed by sound administrative policy, technology and training; to create a safe environment for the Clare County citizens; to become a leader in the law enforcement community by setting the highest standard of excellence.

Clare County Mission Statement:

The Clare County Sheriff Department will serve and safeguard our community, by building partnerships that are proactive, cost effective and innovative to:
1) Deter crime through vigorous law enforcement, to promote a safe and secure environment.
2) Enhance highway safety through education and enforcement.
3) Educate law enforcement personnel and the citizens of this community through training.
4) Provide law enforcement personnel and its citizens with the tools to perform at the highest level.

Clare County Goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Human Resource Development – Provide a highly motivated and competent workforce to deliver police services in our community.
Goal 2: Training and Equipment – Use Federal Grants whenever possible to purchase equipment and to train officers.
Goal 3: Reduce/Prevent Crime – Creating an environment through vigorous and proactive policing, which deters criminal activity.
Goal 4: Community Partnerships – Build partnerships and relationships with the citizens of Clare County, the surrounding law enforcement units, the Prosecutors office and the court system.
Goal 5: Service – To streamline the entire work force of the Office of Clare County Sheriff to better meet the needs of the public.

Clare County Sheriff Department and Clare County Correctional Facility

255 W Main St Harrison, MI 48625
Phone (989) 539-7166

Administration Hours: Monday- Friday
8:00 am-4:00 pm